Ovidijus is a photographer, living in between Berlin, Germany and Vilnius, Lithuania. With a background of conceptual arts, Ovidijus is aiming to discover beauty in a more meaningful way, displaying sensual and emotional side of a portrait, maintaining minimalism aesthetics to focus on the individual features of a person.

Ovidijus been working as a photographer with model agencies, magazines, companies and independent creatives, as well as with individual people for portraits and wedding photography. He is constantly looking for new ways to rediscover photography, while maintaining personal style.

// About the blog:

Founded in 2013, blog has became a space to display his more personal side, not only being the photographer behind the camera, but also enjoying occasional visits to the front of the camera. Blog, is a space where Ovidijus shares mainly his personal style, inspirations, ideas and a bit of his work/off-duty photography works.