top 5 looks



I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio to create a post of my “my top 5 favourite looks” from the past. Using my looks to create custom photo books, it is a great way to create a lookbook. Social Print Studio – family alike company which looks after their customer. Check them out if you feel like printing some unforgettable memories!

I fancy their main concept to manufacture our own memories in a tangible way. To be honest, They reminded me of how happy I am to have my blog. Every blog post has its story to tell. Likewise, this blog is a little part of my life.





So let’s jump into my style. I started blogging because it seemed to be entertaining. During my style growth, I started collaborating with designers and from that point all blogging begin to bring me even more joy. I love having a style – it is one of the ways I could express myself! Just a few weeks ago scrolling Tumblr I found this sentence – ” I look the way I look because of the way I think”. I just couldn’t agree more. I can clearly say that not only my mind developed, but also my own sense of style.

Currently, I am living as a minimalist. I don’t need a lot of clothes. Probably you would be surprised to how compact I can be. So what I need? Well, most likely you would find a basic set of clothes hanging in my wardrobe. I love having a basic black T-shirt, a pair of slim black pants and a pair of Dr. Martins. The set is super simple, yet it makes me feel – just me. Sometimes I try to wear something really different. But for example, very long white shirts in a few seconds makes me feel uncomfortable. And then at that moment I realise that this apparel is not for me. It just feels like that I am trying to prove something to someone, then the only person who needs my approval is myself. I do like trying new things, but it needs a right moment to match me, I guess. Basically my inspiration is a mix of urban and minimalistic city life. I would say I am living a decent and simple life which reflects in my style.

Not to mention that one of my values is quality. It is very important what I am wearing/ of what fabric it is made of/ how material contacts my skin and fits my body shape. You can feel the quality that enriches my understanding of what I wear. Even though the quality is clear when you meet great designers – totally new experience of wearing well thought/designed clothes.

Stay always true to yourself and the style comes along with you. Greeting to everyone from Berlin ! cheers!